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water tank

I was bathing in a water tank, the lid left open. a resort for frogs and local wildlife

i may have shat in it too.

we fell from the sky, me and my mom

and before we landed, we had a lot of time to think about what it would mean to land


i was wondering about death

and whether it was like a dream

recounting things that happened, not the way that they happened


and i thought about the blue vein popping out of my dad’s neck. it hurt him that way

he was thinning, and yacking, or the other way around

until he realized the lid on the water tank was loose, his neighbor, the vengeful Rickster

poisoned dad’s drinking supply


i was talking to george, he doesn't talk to me much anymore

i don't know if its because he’s getting older

or if it’s because he’s getting grumpier.

he has his life in front of the tv, and so do i


he was happy when we landed, he had missed us


i made it a point to tell you this story, 

though I usually disremember these kinds 

and we fought 

and i didn’t get to tell you the point, or i did and it was lost


there was a secret black tank in the woods with a doubtful little ladder to its lid

no trail, 

i learned about ego when my dad said i was a natural at finding things 

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