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 Gracianne Kirsch is an interdisciplinary queer and trans artist, working in the mediums of painting, drawing, poetry, and video. Kirsch was born in 2000 in Redwood Valley, California. Kirsch is a second year graduate MFA candidate in Art Studio at University of California Davis. They received their BA with a double major in Art Practice and Social Welfare at University of California Berkeley.

Kirsch investigates queer temporalities and non-linear ways of knowing. They use memory as a language, filtering present experiences through the past and vice versa. Kirsch's work finds emphasis in depicting domestic objects and trans bodies. 


Kirsch's art aims for a queer and trans revision of time and space, reimagining familiar dwellings and bodily forms. All the while, the work acknowledges grief held onto by the body and trauma remembered within place.  

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